More successful thanks to market insights

If companies want to operate successfully, they need reliable and meaningful market data and insights. Successful companies therefore maintain permanent contact with their customers, they know their demographics, interests, intent and behavior. As a rule, this close relationship with the customer is not personal. The information must be obtained in another way. This is where our offer comes in.

Finding the perfect match

We organize different data pools for high-quality information and make this data available to our clients. Thanks to this data, their customers can make better decisions and use their time more sensibly. This means that we help our partners to optimize the results of online searches and, in addition, provide authentic recommendations. We speak of "intelligent data" and Smart Data Services.

Data hunting with man and machine

We aggregate and update content from various sources and consolidate it into meaningful data sets, using both human intelligence - our own data hunters - and machine intelligence based on in-depth knowledge of industry standards, key factors and related actors.

Our first industry

We love good food, but we are even more gourmets. The search for the perfect restaurant often turns out to be difficult and lavish. Up to now, online searches have yielded many results, but these are unstructured, only conditionally meaningful and often lack credibility. Therefore, in cooperation with GOnJOY, Vietnam's first virtual restaurant assistant based on Artificial Intelligence and our Smart Data Services we help the hospitality industry to better serve their customer base. In November 2017, EM&AI lands in third place with GOnJOY at the "Talents of Vietnam", one of the most renowned competitions for innovative start-ups in Vietnam.


Smart & intelligent data

What is smart data? This is data you can trust! Smart data is the way in which different data sources are brought together, correlated and analyzed in order to effectively support decision-making and action processes. A lot of data is "extensive", but how much of it is "smart", i.e. valuable for a single user?
Personalization is one of the strongest trends in the field of smart data. Consumers are getting more and more accustomed to specific offers - and will expect them in the future as a matter of course. Smart data supports companies to continuously improve their services, to offer tailor-made solutions, to and to be able to offer these precisely targeted. The future belongs to those who are capable of transforming and processing large amounts of data to produce intelligent and smart data. Smart data should be seen as a set of technologies and processes, as well as the associated structures that make it possible to generate concrete values from the data.
However, to make the data truly intelligent, we send our data hunters out on the road, who act as inspectors and capture subtleties that usefully complement machine-generated information. This gives us relevant information that is plausible and you can trust.
Our target customers, such as EM&AI with its GOnJOY application, always strive to provide their users with the best information services based on the best available data. Sevenseas will provide them with a best-in-class mix of uniform structured data and recommendations.

Become part of our data hunter community

We want to maximize the value of data. To do this, visit our gastronomy data hunters soon restaurants and give the most important and the most meaningful data is standardized via a preconfigured app. This work will with tokens that will be easy to earn in the early days. 
Would you like to become a data hunter? Whether you're an experienced reviewer or you'd like to are interested in a review for the first time – become part of our community. Please register here today so that we can inform you in time, as soon as the data hunt starts.

Our growth plan

Our model can be applied to many industries. Our Smart Data Services are always in demand when sellers and buyers need to come together successfully and precisely. We want to grow in these sectors and markets in the future.

Our company

Sevenseas looks back on almost a decade and a half of history. Our roots lie in marketing, in brand development, in the Corporate communications and advertising. Sound knowledge of consumers and their needs has always been at the centre of attention our way of thinking and working. And we want to make this knowledge available to our customers in a targeted manner. Because the more knowledge about consumers there is, the more intimate the relationship with them becomes and leads to a real relationship.
Proximity creates trust. Because you can only see what is really important to your customers at close range. Sevenseas helps you to establish and anchor this proximity to your customers. Thanks to our Smart Data on markets and consumers, they sustainably activate the added value of your company or your brand.
In 2018, Sevenseas acquired a stake in the Vietnamese start-up EM&AI Joint Stock Company. EM&AI operates GOnJOY, Vietnam's first virtual restaurant assistant based on artificial intelligence and chatbot technology. The nationwide launch of the application took place in May 2018 in Da Nang, Vietnam's third largest city. EM&AI has caught up with the Industrial Revolution 4.0 with its three basic key areas BIG DATA, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. The rapidly growing company, based in Da Nang, currently employs more than 50 people. In November 2017, EM&AI lands in third place with GOnJOY at the "Talents of Vietnam", one of the most renowned competitions for innovative start-ups in Vietnam.
With this cooperation, Sevenseas and EM&AI want to advance development and research activities for the basic AI system in the chatbot and improve the conditions for innovations.


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